Toy packaging mockup

I am pleased to unveil this awesome new toy packaging project. A classic style cardback illustration and design for a frankenstein themed slime/putty toy.

This package design will really pop off the pegs and catch the eye.  My assessment was that this packaging illustration should have friendly comic appeal while still paying homage to the source material. It’s Frankenstein’s monster. It has to be a teeny bit creepy, at least.  The vibe wasn’t quite right until I made his eyeballs bloodshot, then it just jumped right out. Simple solutions to complex problems are always the way to go. I never get over how satisfying simple little projects like this can be. Get in, execute and get out. Brilliant.

Fun was had. Vintage monsters and toy packaging, does it get any better? And while I was typing this the 60s Batman theme came on and I had to crank it up and air bass guitar all over the studio. I love my life.


Frankenstein Glow in the Dark Putty. Package design and illustration by Simon Turnbull.

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